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Ways to Prevent Wasting Food

Search The WasteNot List for shops and apps that sell or give away food that would otherwise go to waste

  • Plan your meals before going shopping and only buy what you need
  • If possible, freeze food that won’t be eaten within the use by date. See BBC goodfood for freezing tips and advice.
  • If you’re not able to eat fresh produce quick enough, see if there is a frozen option, e.g. pizza or vegetables
  • If you open a jar of sauce but don’t use it all, see if you can freeze the rest of it
  • If you end up with left overs or food that is going to go out of date, have a look at some recipes for using up the ingredients (there are a few ideas below) – or make up your own! 🙂
  • Donate to food banks
  • If you’ve made too much jam or have a windfall of apples, see if your neighbours would like some
  • Go to a local pond and feed the ducks leftover rice, sweetcorn, lettuce and oats

Check out the Hellmann’s Food Waste Hacks handbook for practical ways to help you reduce food waste and save money

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Left-Over Recipes

How to Make Bubble & Squeak from Leftovers (Duration: 11:06)
How to cook Carrot and Coriander Soup – BBC Good Food (Duration: 4:27)

Food Packaging


  1. Soft plastic recycling points in supermarkets: Aldi, ASDA, Co-op, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose
    Search for your nearest participating supermarket using this useful Recycling Locator search from Recycle Now.
  2. The Crisp Packet Recycling Scheme. Recycle your crisp packets – Find a drop-off location.
  3. The Kinder Recycling Programme. Recycle your Kinder flexible plastic packaging, rigid plastic packaging, chocolate wrappers and aluminium foil packaging – Find a drop-off location.
  4. The Ferrero Pralines Recycling Programme. Recycle your Ferrero Rocher and Ferrero Collection aluminium wrappers, plastic boxes and plastic trays – Find a drop-off location.
  5. The Pringles® Can Recycling Programme. Recycle plastic lids, seals and Pringles® tubes – Find a drop-off location.
  6. The Babybel® Recycling Programme. Recycle Babybel® net bags, labels, metal clasps, wrappers and wax and Babybel® mini rolls flexible plastic packaging, sleeves and plastic trays – Find a drop-off location.

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