Swindon Road Recycling Centre

Swindon Road Recycling Centre

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Swindon Road Recycling Centre

Residents can take the following items to the Swindon Road Recycling Centre:

  • Mixed plastics: All types of plastic bottles: milk/squash/drinks bottles; cleaning/bleach/detergent bottles; toiletry bottles. Yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, ice cream tubs, ready-meal trays and plastic fruit punnets.
  • Hard plastics: Plastic garden furniture, plastic storage crates and boxes, plastics buckets and pipes, plastic sheeting that you see on sheds and greenhouses, and plastic buckets.
  • Clean glass jars, glass bottles (all colours)
  • Clothes and shoes (separate container)
  • Cartons such as those for fruit juice and long life milk
  • VHS video cassettes, CDs and DVDs
  • Washing machines, dishwashers, electric cookers, and tumble dryers (non-heat pump) - must be domestic only
  • Fridges, freezers and heat pump tumble dryers - must be domestic only
  • Household batteries, car batteries
  • Television sets, microwaves, video/DVD recorders, radios, desk fans, electric heaters
  • Food tins, drink cans, pet food cans, empty aerosol cans, aluminium food trays and foil
  • Aluminium food trays and foil
  • Paper: Newspapers, magazines, shredded paper, junk mail, telephone directories, catalogues, white office paper, envelopes
  • Cardboard

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Swindon Road Recycling Centre, Thompson's Way, Kingsditch, Swindon, Swindon Village, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, GL51 9JZ, United Kingdom
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GL51 9JZ

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