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New Forest Bike Project takes unwanted bicycles and then repairs, restores and relocates them.

Donate used candles, plant trays and compost bags to Poundbury Gardens.

Return your TalkTalk equipment, including routers and TV boxes.

Donate your unwanted bike (regardless of condition) to Just Cycle.

Donate school uniform and other clothing and equipment required for the school day.

Send your worn down and broken swimwear to Stay Wild.

Donate towels, sheets, newspapers, pet food, treats & toys and unwanted jewellery to aid animal rescue.

Drop off your unusable inflatables at one of the collection points for The Re-Inflatables.

Donate linen, shoes, clothing and handbags to The Fire Fighters Charity.

Donate food, clothes, toiletries, sleeping bags and blankets to help homeless and disadvantaged people in London.

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