10 Tips to WasteNot Energy

10 Tips to WasteNot Energy

Here are 10 simple tips to WasteNot Energy.


1. Make the most of having your oven on and cook several meals at once. You can then freeze those items you don’t want to eat straight away.

2. Cook more than you need so you can eat the leftovers the next day. Boiled potatoes are a great example. They can be used the next day for salad, etc at lunchtime or fried, roasted or mashed at dinnertime.

3. Use as few cooker rings as possible – can you put multiple items in the same pan?


4. Limit the number of times you put the washing machine on by waiting until you have a full load of washing.

5. During the winter, if drying your washing outside isn’t an option, aim to dry your washing at the same time you have your radiators on.


6. If your radiators have independent controls, warm only the rooms you’re using (shut the doors of the rooms you’re not using but make sure the rooms are aired on occasion).

7. Prevent any heat loss from draughts which may be caused at your windows, doors, letterbox, etc by using draught excluders.


8. Don’t leave lights on in rooms you’re not using or items on standby.


9. Put the heating on when required rather than sticking to set times.

10. If you put the kettle on multiple times in the day, see if you can coincide some timings, for example, if there’s 2 people in your home, have your hot drinks at the same time, or use the boiled water for two different purposes.