What to do with old bed sheets?

What to do with old bed sheets?

Bed sheets have many uses
once they’re no longer required as bedding

Here are a few ideas for repurposing your bed linen.

If it’s in good reusable condition

  • Search the WasteNot List for organisations that accept donated bedding
  • Make it into a sleeping bag liner
  • Make a bag, e.g. a drawstring bag
  • Use it as a picnic blanket
  • Make a draft excluder
  • Create a Teepee for children
  • Make a cot duvet
  • Create a rag rug
  • Use the material to make dolls clothes
  • Make cushion covers
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If it’s in bad condition

  • It can be used for pets
  • Use it as a covering to protect flooring or furniture when painting
  • Lay it in the boot of your car to save it from getting dirty
  • Make cleaning rags
  • Use it to protect your plants from the frost

Main Image Credit: PublicDomainPictures | Pixabay