Out With The Old

Out With The Old

New Year, New You!

Perhaps you’re looking to declutter this year.
But what can you do with your unwanted items?


  • Online: Using social media platforms or online market places.
  • At a car boot sale.
  • At an auction house.
  • To specialists: Whether it’s antiques or books, there are specialists who buy specific items and collectibles.
  • To organisations that offer cash for items: Jewellery, DVDs and clothes, to name a few.
  • Swap your clothes at Pop-Up Swap events.


  • Charities accept a range of preloved items and some specialise in particular items such as wedding dresses or furniture.
  • Library of things collect and rent out items such as DIY and gardening tools, appliances and equipment for leisure and hobbies.
  • Friends and Family: Clothes hand-me-downs and preloved baby items may be appreciated by friends and family.
  • Online: Using social media platforms and websites such as freecycle.


  • Take your rubbish to a recycling centre to ensure the items are recycled as much as possible.
  • Use specialised recycle bins for items such as clothes, batteries, light bulbs, electricals and soft plastic. Many of these can be found in shops.

Image Credit: Alexas_Fotos | Pixabay