Waste Free Christmas Tree

Waste Free Christmas Tree

Waste Free Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are a favourite long standing tradition in many people’s homes.
The type we have and how we decorate them may change from year to year though, potentially creating waste.

Here’s some suggestions on how to try to have a waste free Christmas tree:

Christmas Tree Rental
If you’re looking for a real tree why not rent a tree for the Christmas season. You can even have the same one each year, making it part of the family!

Sustainable Disposal
Real cut trees can be repurposed into chippings so if you get one of these check with your local council on how it can be disposed of sustainably.

Buying ‘New’ Decorations
If you want to buy an artificial Christmas tree or new decorations, have a look at preloved online marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace, Freecycle and Gumtree or pop into a charity shop.

Get Creative
Upcycle old decorations or make decorations from items you have in your home. And how about making your own version of a Christmas tree! Get some inspiration from our Pinterest page.

Unwanted Christmas Decorations
If you have an artificial Christmas tree or decorations you no longer want, don’t throw them away sell or donate them.

Repurpose Your Broken Tree
If your artificial Christmas tree is broken – can you fix it?
If not, try repurposing it. You could use the branches to make a wreath or garland or add them to a seasonal floral display. The plastic trunk could be used as a plant support in your garden.

Have Fun, Have A Swap Party
Fancy a change? Exchange Christmas decorations with friends, family or colleagues by holding a Christmas Decorations Swap Party .