It’s Time to Wrap Up

It’s Time to Wrap Up

Winter’s on its way and it’s starting to get chilly

Soon you’ll be digging out your winter coat, or perhaps you’re looking to buy a new one?

Before you head to the shops or order your brand new coat online have you considered buying your next coat

  • In a charity shop
  • On an online marketplace for pre-loved items
  • If you need a nice coat for a one-off special occasion, why not hire?

And, what will you do with your old coat?

  • Donate it to a charity shop
  • Give it to a coat collection drive for the elderly, homeless or refugees
  • Sell it on a pre-loved online marketplace
  • Or, did you know some shops ‘buy’ back their clothes and resell them

Perhaps your coat just needs fixing?

How to sew on a coat button by Secrets of the West End Wardrobe (Duration: 3:15)

Don’t forget your dog

  • You can make your dog’s coat from an old ski jacket
  • If you have a dog coat you no longer need, donate it to a homeless charity
DIY: Warm Waterproof Dog Coat using the child ski jacket by Hayatarou_Mountain (Duration: 4:51)

Main Image Credit: Pexels | Pixabay