WasteNot Flip Flops

WasteNot Flip Flops

The summer is here and a must have item is a pair of flip flops

When you can pick up a pair for under £1 you can easily see why they can be regarded as a disposable item. Coupled with the fact many break quickly, thousands either end up in the bin or are commonly found washed up on beaches.

What can we do to make flip flops more sustainable?

Buy sustainable flip flops

Some flip flop manufacturers make flip flops out of recycled or sustainable materials.

For example, Waves Flip Flops make their products from 100 per cent natural rubber, a compound that breaks down harmlessly in the ground.

Make your own

How about making your own by repurposing an old yoga mat?

Duration 3 minutes

Can your flip flops be mended?

If the plastic strap is broken, try replacing it with a fabric strap.

Duration 8:20

If they are still intact but aren’t looking their best, you could keep them to use in public showers, for going into the garden or to wear whilst decorating, etc.

Have you heard of the Flipflopi? It’s a traditional styled sailing dhow in East Africa made entirely from waste plastic, clad in 30,000 flip flops. It was created with the aim of inspiring others to fight the growing tide of plastic pollution.

See website

Repurpose old flip flops

  1. Make a fun flip flop pin board
  2. Cut them into shapes to create paint stamps
  3. Create toys, such as a floating boat
  4. Place cut out pieces of flip flops under furniture legs to prevent scratching
  5. Create a flip flop planter (see video below)
Creating a flip flop planter (Duration 3:45)

Did you know flip flops can be turned into art? Ocean Sole, based in Kenya, collects over 400,000 used flip flops a year which are then used to create a variety of species of animal art.

Duration 1:33

Bored of your flip flops?

If you no longer wear your flip flops and they are still in a decent condition, why not give them away or sell them.

Or how about restyling them?

Recycle old flip flops

TerraCycle provides a recycling box for flip flops but there’s a charge for this so how about asking your employer to sponsor a box and get your colleagues involved too.

Old flip flops can also be sent to Waves Flip Flops who will collect them and send them to TerraCycle or take them to a rubber recycling plant if they are their own brand.