WasteNot This Christmas

WasteNot This Christmas

11 top tips for a waste-free Christmas

Looking for a Christmas jumper for you or your pooch? Chances are you’ll just wear it once or twice so why not get one second hand or borrow one from a friend?
Or, you could add some festive cheer to a jumper you already own.

If you’re looking to change your Christmas decorations or add to your collection, have a look for second hand decorations in charity shops and on websites such as freecycle.
Maybe you could swap some decorations with family and friends?

Why not try upcycling or making your own decorations.
Perhaps you have a door wreath that’s looking a bit tired – you could change a few of the pieces on it to give it a fresh look.
Or get some ivy and decorate some candlesticks.

When buying Christmas decorations it’s best to buy long lasting ones rather than those with a short life span, e.g. ones with built in lights.

How many of us buy packs of Christmas cards and don’t use them all? Use the remaining cards the following year, or swap with someone.
Why not create decorations next year using the cards you’ve received this Christmas.
An alternative to paper cards is e-cards – there are some great ones you can personalise with photos of you and your family.

Have you considered giving second hand items as presents? Ideal second hand gifts include bikes, kitchen gadgets, children’s toys, books, games and sports equipment. It saves on unnecessary packaging too.

Or, why not get them a gift experience?

If you use Christmas wrapping paper avoid any with glitter and paper which can’t be scrunched into a ball as these can’t be recycled. Perhaps you could use plain recyclable paper and add your own decoration.

Try to buy presents that haven’t got loads of packaging. Some gift boxes contain items that you can buy loose. You could then display them nicely without all the plastic e.g. put them in a paper box or re-usable basket.

Avoid buying new furniture and Christmas bedding for your one-off Christmas guests.
Maybe you can borrow something from a friend or neighbour or your guests can bring a couple of extra pillows.

Instead of buying single use crackers you could make your own out of ‘waste’ you have at home, including toilet rolls and wrapping paper from the presents you’ve unwrapped earlier.
Or use reusable crackers.

If you have left-over food – freeze it or use it in various recipes for the next day or two.
Or donate unopened items to food banks.