WasteNot Unwanted Christmas Presents

WasteNot Unwanted Christmas Presents

We hope you had a lovely Christmas and received some great presents!

If, however, you received some unwanted Christmas gifts or presents replacing items you already own, you may be wondering what to do with them.


Perhaps you received a new bike and now have an old one you no longer want.
Other than the usual options such as selling on ebay, gumtree, Facebook Marketplace etc, you could donate your bike to charity. There are charities that give bikes to people who are refugees or displaced.
Some accept broken bikes to use the parts.

There are also charities that accept old laptops which are then distributed to people who are unable to afford one.

You may have also received some gifts you don’t want but are unable to return.
These could be toiletries that could be donated to food banks, books which could be offered to charities or clothes which could be given to charity shops.

You could also re-gift the presents – just make a note of who gave you what to save any potential embarrassment 😉