WasteNot Abroad

WasteNot Abroad

When travelling abroad
we can all do our bit to avoid creating waste

This is especially important when staying in countries that don’t have good refuse and recycling services.

Here are a few suggestions.

1. Take a reusable water bottle, remember to empty the bottle when arriving at the airport and fill it up once through the checks.

2. Get a water filter bottle to use in countries where the tap water is untreated.

3. Avoid using the small toiletries provided in hotels, bring your own. But rather than buying travel sized toiletries – decant items into containers you already have (remember to take them back home with you).

4. Or avoid plastic where possible and replace your plastic shower gel and shampoo bottles with soap and shampoo bars.

5. Shopping for items, such as suitcases, snorkels or buggies for your holiday? See if you can borrow, hire or buy second hand first.

6. Keep documents and travel information stored electronically where possible.

7. Use reusable shopping bags.

8. Use hand sanitising gel instead of wipes.

9. Take a reusable straw.

10. If you’re on a self-catering holiday, check the cupboards on arrival before going shopping to prevent doubling up on items such as cooking oil and salt, which may have been left for you.

Main Image Credit: sergeitokmakov | Pixabay