Clocks Go Back – WasteNot That Extra Hour

Clocks Go Back – WasteNot That Extra Hour

The clocks go back tonight which means we get an extra hour tomorrow!

What will you do with it?

Make that hour count – WasteNot

(Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay)

Here’s some suggestions:

Have a look around your home for things you don’t use anymore – you can either try to make some money from them by selling them online or donate them to charity. Maybe there’s even something you could give someone as a gift for Christmas?

Is there something in your home that needs a simple fix?
Perhaps a screw needs tightening, a fuse needs changing, or you need to draught-proof a window or door.

Do you have an item of furniture you’re thinking of replacing? – perhaps you can upcycle or dress it to make it more to your taste?

If you have a smart meter – go around your home testing your electricals to see how much energy they use and what can be turned off when not in use.

Check out some new recipes.
Find out how to make your own version of your favourite takeaway or find new ways to use up leftovers.

Plant some herbs or lettuce to keep on your kitchen window sill.

Defrost your freezer.
Did you know a build up of ice makes your freezer work harder?

Set up a new way to sort your rubbish, whether it’s collecting plastic wrappers that can be taken to supermarkets or buying or building a compost bin.

Use the extra hour to walk or cycle somewhere if you normally drive within walking or cycling distance.

Find some new organisations or people to follow on Social Media who share positive ways to help the planet.